Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Deep Side

Many have asked me where I get my inspiration to run extremely long distances. Inspiration comes from the heart – You just have to believe, and make it so. It’s more about removing the mental blocks then it is physical. You might be surprised what you discover within yourself!

Another Ultra-runner asked what is running while searching for meaning to what we do. My response was: Running is life – The highs and lows, periods of struggle, times of laughter, companionship, loneliness, pushing ones limit with nothing to prove, proven something with no limits, someone depending on your help, you depending on someone else, reflection, planning, measures and goals, pain, hurt, struggles, fulfillment, strength, accomplishment, self doubt, resurrection, faith, trust……. Running is life, but you get to experience it more often instead of just once. Don’t be afraid to live – embrace it with all the challenges and fulfillment it has to offer. Now you’re living!

Whether it’s running or some other passion in your life, don’t set limits on what you think, or others think, you can do.

There is nothing like a good long trail run in the forest to get grounded again. No phone, Email, TV or other reminders of how convenient our lives have become due to the advancement in technology, or the news reminding us how bad the economy and world is to distract us. We were made to run, challenge ourselves, recover, and redefine the horizon. It’s easy to get tied-up in the day-to-day grind of living and forget about what it feels like to simplify our lives and get back to the basics. Running reminds me of this. After running all day in the forest (30-40 mile and over 3K’ of elevation change) in all kinds of weather conditions, tired and challenged, sweaty and hungry, a hot shower and pepperoni pizza never felt or tasted so good.
A few thoughts from the deep side,



Evan said...

I sounds like you have it figured out.

Running is freedom.

There are some beautiful forests in GA. I go to Atlanta for work sometimes and always find soft trails after a long day in meetings.

Rooster said...

Nice post Thomas!

Gabe said...

Well said, maybe I will see you at Rocky. 1 more week of it obsessing my thoughts. I am waering road shoes again I think.

AnthonyP said...

Hey Thomas. Look forward to meeting up with you at Rocky Raccoon....and to us both going sub-24.

Girl on Top said...

So true.

I'm not an ultra, but the way you say is perfect! Makes me love running instead of just the after feeling.