Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keeping my Priorities and then Running

Another good week although my weekly total mileage was only in the 60s. I should be thankful for that with the demands at work (4x13hr days), helping my 11 year old daughter get ready for her speech, and going out of town to watch my son’s wrestling match. Renee did an incredible job giving her speech to a large crowd of parents and students at ACS’s open school night - My heart was busting with pride. Josh’s wrestling skills and strength keeps growing. Although he lost both matches, he battled against the two team captains, and with only 7 weeks of practice (ever). My 13 year old son gave these Jr wrestlers a run for their money. Give him a couple years of experience and he will be very difficult to beat. The two coaches have strengths in different area which balances the boys out. One focuses on character and doing the right thing, and the other is a state champion and knows what it takes to go all the way. I told Josh that by learning to be a good loser, he will be a respected and great winner. Like everything else in life, you set goals – work hard – battle the hurdles – develop patience and passion – and enjoy the journey.

Last Monday I had another good long trail run at FATS (Fork Area Trail System) in the Sumter National Forrest. It felt great to be running on these trails again with all the wildlife, forest, and cool blue sky. I startled a very large buck with a big rack on the Tower loop. It was amazing to see how effortless and graceful he ran along the ridge and out of sight. I had one other encounter with something I was not sure what it was. I only got a very quick glimpse from a distance before it disappeared over a ridge of trees. It was black, shaped like a dog but much larger. I used caution with the next couple of miles to make sure I was not the one being hunted. The trail was a nice refreshing break from the daily pounding of the pavement and the 3 mile dirt track near by.

Also got some more speedwork in with 8X800 meter and maintaining a 6 min mile pace for all 8 repeats. I’ve only recently (last 8 weeks) done speedwork to improve my turnover rate and can see why runners love to hate this workout. I only have one more week of speedwork, weight training, and one more long run before going into a two week taper. I’ve always done a 3 week taper, but want to try something different for Rocky. Hopefully the changes I’ve made with my nutritional plan, training, and cooler temps will pay dividends. The only questioning thought I have is did I get enough long runs in and weekly miles? My work schedule was very demanding and really challenged my training time, and left me feeling like I needed more weekly miles. It seems like no mater how hard we train, we always have some self doubt going into a taper until we toe the line. Then, everything comes together in a magical way. I look forward to the challenge and journey.

A few more Pics I took at FATS:


Rooster said...

Nice mileage even though you think it's low it's really not. I haven't broke 80 yet with only 5 weeks left to 2 moon. Tell your daughter congrats on her speech and keep of the good work with the heavy load.

Running and living said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I have never done an ultra - though I have my eye on that for when I grow up:) - but it seems to me that you've done lots of great training. You also seem to have your mind and heart into it, and those will make everything come together. Good luck with the tapering. For me, that's the worse (AKA I never do it properly). Ana-Maria

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Howdy, Thomas,
My name is Mark, the author of The Naked Runner blog. Thanks for checking out my blog! The weather here in Lubbock is nothing less than STUPID lately. It's the end of January and today I ran in 80 degree weather until a front blew in and dropped the temp to 40! ha Rocky is a fantastic race! Lots and lots of roots on the trail so be nimble and quick! It's very flat too which is nice. They have awesome wooden bridges built over the muddy/boggy areas so the mud isn't too much of an issue! Have a great time and I hope to see you there!

Travis said...

sounds like you are doing great given tough work and life schedule. Those big mile weeks help, but having a stong mind and being really stubborn can make up for a lot too :). I have not done track work at all, but try to realy pick up the pace above normal at least once a week. Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing about Rocky. You'll do awesome!


Bob - said...

but having a strong mind and being really stubborn can make up for a lot too :)
Good job on your miles but above is most miles going into JJ100 were pretty low, actually sadly low but my mind was ready, I kept focused on my fuel(sooooo KEY) try your best to stay ahead on your fuel....You are ready and no doubts at all when u toe that line! Kick ass with a smile:-)