Thursday, March 30, 2017


Steady making progress raising my fitness bar to higher levels. The weight training 2x per week is improving strength, helps prevent injury due to weak muscles, and starting to see some definition. The daily pushups and sit ups also helps, and raises calories burned.
Running is more consistent with effort and pace. My daily focus is still 3 miles, and tossed in a few 4 milers. I was excited to run my old 5 mile daily course, with some hills, the last couple weekends. Ive been averaging 9 min/mile at a comfortable pace, and hit a couple 8 min miles with some effort. My biggest struggle has been accumulating to the heat. I'm very familiar with this living in the south, and it never gets easy. Nevertheless, the body will adjust, and 90 deg will feel cool, eventually.
The one thing I've not been consistent with is stretching. I need more focus in this area to prevent injury and improve running form.
Thanks my blogging family for the encouraging words and support. It makes a difference when someone like-minded understands the struggle and offers advise, kind words, or tough love. It matters.

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