Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Injured and Dissappointed

Houston, we have a problem!  

The past month the ball of my left foot has been progressively getting worse.  At first I ignored it and figured it was just my body adjusting to the hard training.  The pain was getting worse and I started to ice the troubled area, like a good ultra-runner in-tune with his body.  We often run with some degree of mild pain and discomfort, from time to time, but this was getting worse during each run.  I took a few days off, lots of ice which helped, and resumed running with the same indications.  I took a close look at anything I had changed, and discovered nothing (same shoes, inserts, trails…).  I did some research and the symptoms resemble Metatarsalgia (common foot injury from running).  Not sure how or why, was hoping I could just train through it, but I can’t ignore it any longer.  I have taken the past three weeks completely off from any running, lots of ice, and going crazy with bottled energy.
So very disappointed, and informed the family that Mohican is most likely off the radar screen this year.  I refuse to show up at this race injured or under trained.  I’ve missed three weeks of training, along with a foot injury, and feel it’s too late to be ready for this race.  My heart says go for it, but my head says this race is tough enough when everything is working perfectly.  Three weeks of no training is too much with only 8 weeks to go.  So very disappointed considering how strong I was becoming with pace and hill performance.  A lot of hard training for nothing – Very discouraging.

Last year my Doc prescribed Statin drug to lower my cholesterol.  It runs high in my family, and I have not been exempt from it either.  The good type of cholesterol is very high (a good thing), but the bad type is also high, with an overall of around 200.  I don’t eat poorly, but also not on a controlled diet, nor overweight.  My Doc felt it was time to control it by taken Statin drug, which I have been for the past year.  I recently heard on Endurance Planet of the problems with endurance athletes taken Statin and how it degrades their performance and damage to organs (liver function), joints, energy level, fatigue, swelling, cell function,….  You get the picture.  I did some research of my own on side effects of Statin drugs and discovered some alarming issues.  Not to talk myself into it, but some of the symptoms, I have experienced.  Yes, Statin did lower my cholesterol level down to 160, but I’m not convinced the price is worth it.  I reviewed several sources, one is an NASA Doc, and all discourage people from taken this drug.  Most say it only makes the test results look lower, but the problem is still there, raises other problems, and makes the Drug Co and Doc’s richer ($$$ drug).  I read a lot of other negative comments on the relationship between Pharmaceutical Co., Doc, medical review boards, and investment returns. It is not my intention to trash anyone, just want to be aware of the risk, and what’s behind it.  Makes one wonder!!!  Follow the money trail.  
 I also learned how important Cholesterol is for the body to function properly on multiply levels.  I always heard how cholesterol is bad, but I’ve learned how we can’t survive without it.  Do some research yourself.  Just consider the source and the motivation behind it.  You can’t believe everything you read.

I’m starting to feel like the Apollo 13 Mission!


Raina said...

Statin is a scary thing--but so is high cholesterol. Bummer about the family gene. I am always surprised when some of my very fit, and often very thin, friends have high cholesterol. I have never had mine checked... Maybe I am better off!

Sorry about your foot. I hope that it heals quickly and you can look past this to some other fun races this year.

Cynthia said...

Sorry about your foot injury :( I hope it heals up soon and you can get back to training

Char said...

My Mum had to go on Statins for a while. Her cholesterol was only marginally higher than normal and that was because her good cholesterol was high. She went to see another doctor and asked about it and he was horrified that she'd been put on it in the first place. It certainly pays to research and ask lots of questions.
Hope the foot heals soon. Being out of running is not fun.

Johann said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about your injury and also the cholesterol. I hope the foot sorts itself out soon. Hang in there, things will be good soon again.

Black Knight said...

I am very sorry for your injury. I can understand very well your feeling. I hope that you can solve as soon as possible this problem.
All the best and don't give up.

Giorgio said...

Sorry to hear about your left foot. I hope you will feel better soon ... three weeks of no training was the right choice.

On the cholesterol front, I always try to avoid eating cheese, red beef and fried food.

Terri said...

I was diagnosed with Metatarsalgia by a sport doctor after trying to resolve the unexplained issue for months. Nothing helped but to stop running. Like you I found that to be very discouraging since I couldn’t really trace the cause. I used a metatarsal pad in my running shoe for a while but it was soooo uncomfortable. After struggling with this for months the pain has gone away just the same as it came. Hopefully it will subside after some time off. Sorry this has happened.

NY Wolve said...

Ugh foot injuries. Nothing worse. I have a bad toe that is arthritic. That's just getting old. Also had a stress fracture on other foot so I feel your pain. My only advice is to use opportunity to cross train and weights. When you come back, you will be stronger and cardio comes back quickly.

Beth said...

Oh, I am so sorry to read about your foot. I am trying to work around an injured glute and have been able to bike everyday and swim a couple times a week to try and continue Ironman training. I think the biking really helps maintain some kind of running fitness. The little I read about Statin drugs is that they lower cholesterol but don't actually result in any reduction in disease or death rates. Hope you can figure out what makes sense and works for you. We are all different and all have to do what we think is right for us.

David Haas said...


I have a question about your blog do you think you could email me?


Raina said...

Ah! I do remember reading this, but totally brushed off the injury part. Sorry!