Monday, March 26, 2012

A Note From My Girl

" Y'know you are the best Daddy a girl could ask for. Thanks for always being there for me and supporting my decisions. For taking my likes to new levels because even though I didn't want to, you made me. From the water slide in Mayport to running that extra mile, you've persuaded me to do my best and never give up. I've become spontaneous and a daredevil. I'm ready to take anything life throws at me because of you and Mommy. From talking about how wonderful my cooking is with your friends at work to saying how much talent I have on your Blog, I feel more than accepted and loved. You're proud of me and I thought I'd have to do everything in my will power just to have you say you are..when it only took a simple phrase like "I love you Daddy". You make me push myself so I can see what I can truly do, unlike me, who just does what seems available at the moment. Thank you for everything you do, and will do.

Love you,


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Char said...

It's what every parent aspires to do - inspire their children to be their best.

Black Knight said...

A great daughter for a great dad.