Monday, May 16, 2011

Ultra Shape

Not sure if the rest of you bloggers had issues with your post, but my previous one disappeared and then reappeared but the comments had been removed.  Strange!!!
FATS Main Trail Head
 Another solid week of training and really feeling strong!  My weekend long run was incredible with no low points, and the last few miles felt as strong as the first few.  I could have ran all day (I did) and just really connected with the trail.  I was running the uphills like it wasn’t there with little extra effort.  The downhills I just flew down in an out of control way.  Everything was working together, my breathing was calm, my muscles firing but never tired, and felt like I owned the trail.  If I have a day like this at Mohican, I will do well.  We also had an unusual cooler day with temps only in the low 80s.  I can’t push myself as hard with higher temps like the previous week, but this felt really good and never overheated.  
Burned Section on Great Wall Loop
 Ran across my first snake on the trails this year and it was a small rattler.  Nevertheless, still deadly and difficult to see!   I tried to warn a young lady who just hopped off her bike to walk this one section due to the difficulty of it.  She had her headset on and I don’t think she heard me because she stepped right over the snake with no hesitation.  Her lucky day!
While at the trail head restoring my bottles and grabbing a few more gels, I ran across a couple coming off the trail.  I saw a bumper sticker on the back of their car that said “Ultra runner in training” and asked if they did any races.  She said the FATS 50K will be her first this fall and looking at the Keys100 next year.  It was great to see another trail runner, and ultra wannabe, in this area.  I often thought I was the only one in a 50 mile radius.  They only did one of the smaller loops, and she said getting use to the trails seems to be an acquired taste.  I told her when you do, you may never go back to the road again.
Soft Trail
 Training for the week:

Mon – 5M
Tues – 10M
Wed – 15M
Thurs 10M
Fri – Off
Sat – 30M
Sun – 20M

This week will be a rest week, followed by two more hard weeks, and then a 2 week taper.


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great week of training!
Blogger went down mid-week so quite a bit was lost, posts and comments!

Char said...

Doesn't it feel great when you're running well?! Keep up the good work.

lindsay said...

I was thinking about long cane... But snakes, not so sure about that now haha. Not to mention I ran a marathon last weekend with inadequate training so maybe it wouldn't be a good idea in general to go even further next weekend. Especially cause trails are tougher than roads! And snakes again are a big issue for me, what can I say. Maybe I need to wait for a November run when they're hibernating...

Black Knight said...

Scaring adventure with the snake! This makes the trail running more "interesting".
A great week of training. Yes, you are ready.

DawnB said...

you are doing great and I love the trail you are running on. Looks a little like waveny park that I run and it is such a peaceful run.

happy running

olga said...

Nice mileage, mister!

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