Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting Ready For Mohican 100

Training this past week looked like this:

Mon – Stair climbing for 45min
Tues – 15M (10M tempo and 5M hill repeats) and 30 min sauna
Wed – 10M easy, 1 hr Gym, and 30 min sauna
Thurs – 15M & 1 hr Gym
Fri – Cycle
Sat – 18M easy
Sun - 34M Long run (90+ deg)
FATS Trail
My long run was done on the local FATS course I ran last Oct, and shaved 1.5 hours off my time with hotter conditions and tired legs. I felt strong all day, never hit any low points, and I still had plenty in the tank. I know my training is going well because I feel tired all the time. When I do take a day off, I feel so pumped the next day.
The forestry dept did a controlled burn which gave some of the loops out at FATS an eerie look. This was also the year (every 13 years) of the cicada which makes a disturbing high pitch continues sound in the forest. It felt like a Hitchcock movie.

I had to make the previous week a recovery week because when I went out for my long run, I ran out of energy after just 10 miles. I had been training hard for 6 weeks without any recovery weeks and it all caught up to me. I took 2 days off and never felt stronger. I usually do the 4 week training cycle (3 hard, one easy) but felt I needed to get my mileage up while tearing down my body. Fortunately, I have no injuries, and only a few minor running aches:  A little ice and Tylenol takes the edge off.

5 weeks to go before the Mohican 100. This will include 3 more hard weeks followed by a 2 week taper. My motivation to train hard is the 29,000’ of elevation change, hot and humid conditions, hand over hand climbs, river crossings, and muddy trials. This is not a PR kind of race but a survival race.
One I must do.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your 34 in such warm temps! *high five* Sounds like you've been smart in listening to your body- keep it up! Looking forward to read about Mohican!

olga said...

I almost picked Mohican instead of OD! Dang:) Austin is goijgn to have nice weekend coming, hopefully you'll find temps drop a bit for you too.

Anonymous said...

Your weekly numbers look great and all in that heat! You are tough and I have no doubt you'll do great at this 100miler:-)

Black Knight said...

I hope that the race will be part under the shadow.