Monday, April 4, 2011

Once an athlete, always an athlete!

A few thoughts from my 5 hour trail run yesterday:
Fork Area Trail System - FATS
 Once an athlete, always an athlete!  Even when we age, it’s in the blood and almost impossible to ignore – No matter the results.  There is no denying the calling inside.

 I run because of given a gift to personally challenging myself to limits most will never experience.  Running is simple, natural, and personnel on many levels.  A cornerstone of balance for the sometimes complicated, busy, and convenient life with integrated electronic distraction! 

I don’t compare myself to the next person, and gladly support them knowing what they too are battling within.  It is who we are, and what we do.  We like to push our limits knowing we have more.  Even when we PB, or PR; for 1 mile or 100 miles, it’s still not enough.  The question still lingers, what could I really do if all things perfect.  We strive for excellence, knowing we will never achieve it.  The fight of the battle, what can I do better, not wanting to disappoint one self’s high expectations.  Even when taken some downtime, thinking maybe the fight is gone, to only awaking to a new day with a new untested challenge that draws us in like gravity with an undeniable thirst. 

Does it ever end?  Is everyone like this?  Maybe only a small percentage feels this way, but it’s real, for those in the grandstand to watch and wonder why.  All this to say, I’d rather be on the field playing then watching from a distance, no matter how old I am, the conditions, or the outcome!

Don’t ignore who you are, or what you can do.  Don’t accept limits others place on themselves, knowing you are capable of so much more.  Show compassion, be humble, support like no other have seen before.   But don’t make this an excuse from your ability to lead and find your own limits, for you might be cutting short your natural gift.  Stop pretending, stop existing, and start living.  It’s great to feel alive! 

A few thoughts from within, which you never hear, but hopefully see and experience!


Alex said...

Wonderful !
even though there are many people out there who cant realise the true meaning of beeing an athlete, we can keep on showing to them that is trully something everyone must cherish !

Rooster said...

Love this, thanks for sharing it. There is some deep inner drive that keeps bringing us back time and time again. No matter what obstacles we have running seems to be clearing house and a requirement for me.

DawnB said...

What a great post Tom very encouraging and inspirational. I always tell myself only you truely know what you are capable of. There are times when we have to dig deep within: not easy j: believe and have faith and sometimes scream at the top of our lungs (silently :)) yes we can!!

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Terri said...

Love, love, love, this post Thomas!!! On my run yesterday I saw an older (not elderly) man shuffling up his driveway and my thoughts were not, look at that old, overweight man, but rather how sad that he is in such poor physical condition. My heart felt for him. I made no judgments but felt a deeper sense of gratitude for my health and abilities. Then I watched a documentary last night called Endurance and was reminded again that for some of us running is who we are, it is a gift...something driving deep from within. Thanks again for this post.
5 hours, wow! sounds like you are well on your way in training!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Great Great Great post!!!! I love it

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully said, Thomas!

I have tried giving up running a few times and it didn't work...hahah. I consider myself lucky!

Johann said...

Really nice post! All these things make me go back for more punishment week after week. Even though I don't often push for a fast time nowadays there are other limits I discover.

Aya said...

Great post, very inspiring. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Jill said...

This was a great post, thanks! I've been suffering from a debilitating running injury for a year now and some days I just feel lost sometimes...and these posts do help. Thanks.

Black Knight said...

I agree 100%, always new goal, always new adventures. I always say to myself: don't give up whatever thing can happen.
...and please let me also say: "once in the Navy always in the Navy", I cannot forget those 20 wonderful years.