Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Training

Another solid week of training in the books with no aches or pains as I migrate into 60 miles week!  My work hours have been crazy and demanding, and hopefully return to normal (if such a thing) as I go into the next phase of training.  It’s time to take my training to another level.  I need to get my weekly mileage up in the 80s by the end of April, and start speed work, hill repeats, and heat conditioning.  After my long run last Sunday night, I actually felt like I was getting back into ultra-shape.  I maintained a comfortable 9:20 mile while keeping my HR down in the endurance zone.  I had a few miles where my pace spiked in the 8 mpm because it just felt so good, but quickly reminded myself to slow it down and train in the endurance zone to get the full benefit.
3M loop W/lights for night time running
 Every year my company requires I have a full physical with blood work and EKG to ensure I have no issues due to the demands and responsibilities with my job.  We have our own medical doc, nurses, and assistance on site to address this requirement.  The other day I went in for my one year checkup and the assistance was wondering if I was alive.  They wanted to stick a fork in me to see if I would respond.  I assured them I was very much alive, and the fork was not required.  HR was 46 bpm and they asked if this was normal.  I said it’s a little high from the walk over and the 3 flights of stairs.  Normally in the lower end of the 40s!  They wanted to know how, so I told them a few miles of running every now and then does the trick.  I think they’re considering running as their new hobby!

Spring is definitely in the air with a haze of green in the air (pollen), flowers blooming, grass turning green, and trees coming to life.  The temps have been in the 80s by day and 50s at night.  Perfect.
Training last week:

Mon – 8M
Tues – 9M
Wed – 3m and cycling
Thurs – 7M and Gym
Fri – 4M and Gym
Sat – Off
Sun – 30M long run at night


GeorgiaSnail said...

You have got to love the heat conditioning! I've been trying to get out at least twice a week in the afternoon - 80+ degrees, just to start getting the body ready for what is to come...

Big Daddy Diesel said...

And to think I thought my 30 mile week was hardcore, nice work

Why are so many doctors so alarmed when we go in to get checked out, every year I tell them I race, every year they ask why my resting heart rate is so low

Terri said...

Love those kind of doctor appointments!! In the 40's though!! that is ultra fit:) I'm looking forward to keeping up and being inspired as always by this next phase of training!

Black Knight said...

A great week of solid training, congrats.
Normal doctor don't understand how a runner can be fit.
Remembering something of similar when I was under surgery for my broken leg.
Good luck on the increasing mileage. Enjoy this spring time.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

ONE DAY I will return to some more ultra races. how I miss getting lost in the trails. What amazing stuff!

Every year when i go for my OBGYN appt. I get the same look. I range from 46-52bpm. GOOD STUFF!

Char said...

So your long run is longer than a marathon!! You ultra runners are definitely commited - and a little insane.

lindsay said...

Congrats on the good checkup! It is nice to have a good HR and BP. I'm thinking about Long Cane... Thinking! ;)

My car (blue) is turning a nice shade of green with it's seasonal "paint job"!

Cynthia said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment!!

30 mile night run! Wow that is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like training is going well- terrific! That must've been a pretty cool feeling at the doc's office with those numbers- vital signs don't lie. :)

Hone said...

Keep building those miles and you will tear it up. It is hard to get them in with all of the other stuff in life but it will pay off huge when it matters. Pennies in the bucket.

DawnB said...

looks like you are very much on track to make your goal. You'll be in ultra shape in no time. Nice doctor visit!! lets hope that you have truely inspired them.

martin briars said...

i appreciated your comment on pain !!!!
looking at it that way makes the apin kind of less important... and as i like to remind myself anyway "pain is inevitable, suffering is optional".

all the best


Alex said...

this is trully excellent season for(us) the runners - no extra hot, no extra cold ! Unfortunatelly i have a slipped disc and im out for a month ! this is egoistic but i cant stand the doctors!!!