Friday, September 18, 2009

Signs of Fall

Another good week in training – No injuries, keeping up with my schedule, and felt strong all week! I can already feel the difference by integrating some cross training. It feels good to be back on my road bike, and my legs seem stronger by using different muscles. Last Friday I went for a 25 mile bike ride and then hit the weights after. I sleep well that night. Sat was my long run day (distance wise would normally be my middle of the week run) of 15 miles and felt good except I could tell my endurance factor has dropped a few notches. I ended last weekend at 32 miles running and 40 miles cycling. This week I will have 38 miles of running and 30 miles on the bike (not enough hours in the week). My 5 – 7 miles of daily runs have felt strong and I pushed my pace on a couple of them. But, I paid for it today on my long run because my legs felt tired and heavy the entire time. It’s funny because normally I would just be warming up good by 18 miles where today I was past warming up and on the fatigue side. Nonetheless, I’m making progress and just need to be patiently working hard.
I did have a close call last Tuesday – I have a pond in my front yard which is a perfect ¼ mile lap which I do some of my daily runs and speed work to keep off the roads. It was getting dark when I hopped over what looked like a crocked stick, but I’ve seen too many of these to know it was a snake. I was fortunate it didn’t strike at me when I realized it was too late to stop, and had to jump over the 2’ water moccasin (poison – bad- type). The snake retreated to the pond to live another day. I don’t mind the good kind of snakes, but really don’t like the pit viper type and prefer they find another home. My two labs usually keep the yard free from anything with hair on it or anything that resembles a snake. Looks like they let this one get by them! Must have been busy chasing the squirrels!

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DawnB said...

hope you have recovered by now. I don't do well with snakes. I love the begining of fall this is when I feel my strongest.