Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

The challenge of regaining base mileage has been a real experience. Pushing myself to get back where I was before actually feels good when the muscles say enough but the mind says just 3 more miles wimp. Normally this happens on building long run mileage but not daily runs. Nevertheless, I feel like I’m getting stronger each day although I’m exhausted by the end of the day. At the same time I’m using caution and listening to my body for signs of ramping mileage up too fast and ending up with an injury. My biggest injury factor personally is the IT band and hamstring – So far so good. I’m currently at 30+ miles a week (not including long runs), and plan to peak at 90 miles by Jan. This weekend I will be starting back my long runs and restoring the endurance factor. The long run will be peaking at 40 miles with some back to back runs (30M on Sat and 20M on Sun) worked in.

Weight training is going well and always an enjoyable part of my workout. I have a tendency to build muscles / size fast so I’m keeping the weight low and reps high. I also would like to get down to 155 lbs which means shaving 10 lbs off. Getting to 160 is not a problem but the last 5 lbs takes a lot of work.

My road bike just got a tune-up and I have already taken it out for several rides. I like how it works different leg muscles while giving my cardio a good workout. I need to look into riding cadence and getting the most out of these cross training days.

Recovery is another factor and taken a recovery drink after demanding workouts will fuel my body and allow it to rebuild for the next day. Something else I didn’t do before and just grinded my way through the workout although I felt tired from the previous day workout.

Last weekend we went to the beach down in FL and had some great R&R. Every year we do this towards the end of summer with no agenda other then to have a good time. We always go by Al’s Pizza, play golf, bowling, run around the beach… Attached are a few pics from the trip. (I don't know the surf dude, guy running with the dog, or people fishing. My son is playing golf and my daughter is drawing in the sand and bowling).


Anonymous said...

You are lucky; building muscles fast.
Love the pictures!

Morgan said...

Thanks for stopping by my digs the other day! Always great to hear from new faces!

Looks like you had a fab labor day weekend, the pics are beautiful!

Good luck on the training!

lindsay said...

thanks for stopping by my blog too! :)

wow 90 miles in a few months! i have this random desire to run 100+ mpw but am not anywhere close yet. i look forward to reading more about your training - sounds very dedicated, i could use some of that.

Night Owl Racing said...

Love the pics. I spent the weekend at the beach as well but on the left coast in Malibu.

Keep cranking out the mileage. That is what ultrarunning is all about and the secret to fast times.

Also bowling is such a fun game.

Alaskan Assassin