Friday, September 12, 2008

A Good Week

This was a good week of running: But not great. I got about 60 miles in the bank this week but my left hamstring still gets tight on my long runs. My shorter runs and weight training don’t seem to irritate it as much as the longer runs. Today I ran out at FATS again for about 27 miles on trails. It got hotter then I expected it to be (93 deg) and ran out of water a couple of times. I almost got too close to a snake, but not a problem for it was a rat snake and only about 3’ long. I gave him plenty of room, and it reminded me to be extra careful with plenty of water moccasins and timber rattlers around. I don’t care for snakes but also understand that we are invading their yard. Fortunately I did not see anymore for the day. I did run into several spider webs with these reddish colored spiders enjoying the sun. This is such an awful feeling when running through these webs and the webs get all over you. It’s amazing how we improvise, adapt, and overcome to our surroundings. I figured out how to carry two 20oz water bottles in one hand while running with a stick in the other, on trails with rocks and roots, to knock down the webs. I must have looked like that seen in the movie Shreak where he is collecting all the spider webs on a stick to eat. Good thing it’s not hunting season yet. My animal count for the week comprises of several deers, a fox, a snake, and too many spiders. I still don’t feel good about my long runs currently, and hoping things start turning around before my next couple of events (FATS 40M in Oct and Pinhoti 100M in Nov).


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