Friday, September 10, 2021

 I need to update my blog and align it with my place in life. I've been doing some weight training getting the body stronger. Need to incorporate some cardio next. Getting ready for some AT hiking with my son to complete the GA section and start on the NC trails.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

 Hello friends. Good to see some familure faces still Blogging and sharing their passion.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Bling from the Dope

Got some bling from the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World.

Monday, April 3, 2017


Is getting older (50s) an excuse not to continue being the very best athlete one can be? We all need breaks, hit the reset button, find the mojo again, and maybe change things up. Change the way we eat, train, rest, and look at life. Can't move the heavy weights on the bench, run as fast or long, or train hard so many continuous days. But to do nothing, not make some gains, eat irresponsible, and allow ones body to go without struggle and growth is not living. It's dying sooner and more miserable then God intended. Yes its dam hard to get moving again with age. The struggle is real and more difficult then the previose restarts.

Growing older is not a reason to not keep being our very best. Yes it still hurts to get back in shape. To move the body when tired and stiff.  To be our very best when everyone else our age is saying why do it, just retire and chill. We have a responsibility to the younger generations to be ambassadores, to be an example anything is possible, never surrender, never give up. Just like our parents, and other atheletes we here about still out doing the things they love. A little slower, back of the pack, but still going nevertheless.

Unfortunately I didn't have anyone to kick me in the ass to get moving again. I had to use my own boot and do it to myself. Which was best because that was me telling me I'm ready.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Steady making progress raising my fitness bar to higher levels. The weight training 2x per week is improving strength, helps prevent injury due to weak muscles, and starting to see some definition. The daily pushups and sit ups also helps, and raises calories burned.
Running is more consistent with effort and pace. My daily focus is still 3 miles, and tossed in a few 4 milers. I was excited to run my old 5 mile daily course, with some hills, the last couple weekends. Ive been averaging 9 min/mile at a comfortable pace, and hit a couple 8 min miles with some effort. My biggest struggle has been accumulating to the heat. I'm very familiar with this living in the south, and it never gets easy. Nevertheless, the body will adjust, and 90 deg will feel cool, eventually.
The one thing I've not been consistent with is stretching. I need more focus in this area to prevent injury and improve running form.
Thanks my blogging family for the encouraging words and support. It makes a difference when someone like-minded understands the struggle and offers advise, kind words, or tough love. It matters.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Stronger each day

Worked my way up to 3 miles a day, 4 days a week, with a comfortable 9 min/mile pace. Resting heart rate down to 51 bpm. 100 situps and 50 pushups on run days. No issues so far, feeling good with runs, and worked in a few 8:30 min per mile. Going to start working in some weight training on off days. Trying out a new pair of Altra Torren 2 shoes. Lost about 5 pounds of ugly fat, which feels good, but still have 15 pounds to go. Slow and steady is the plan. I'm feeling the hunger inside to push it a little, and a little day-dreaming about future races still on the bucket list.  One day at at time.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Feeling Better

Two weeks of consistent 2 miles runs, followed with sit ups, push ups, and dips.  Trying not to push myself this early, just establishing a new base. Also included lots of stretching to avoid problems like IT band issues. Each run feels a little better then the last. Slow and steady for 3 months is the goal.  Looking at a couple of marathons towards the end of the year to keep myself focused.  Everyone needs a goal, and a race, to stay true with training.
I've been feeling better, more conscious of what I eat, sleeping better, and my Resting Heart Rate (measure of fitness) has already dropped from 61 BPM to 55 BPM.  Still have a ways to go to hit lower 40s RHR.