Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Feeling Better

Two weeks of consistent 2 miles runs, followed with sit ups, push ups, and dips.  Trying not to push myself this early, just establishing a new base. Also included lots of stretching to avoid problems like IT band issues. Each run feels a little better then the last. Slow and steady for 3 months is the goal.  Looking at a couple of marathons towards the end of the year to keep myself focused.  Everyone needs a goal, and a race, to stay true with training.
I've been feeling better, more conscious of what I eat, sleeping better, and my Resting Heart Rate (measure of fitness) has already dropped from 61 BPM to 55 BPM.  Still have a ways to go to hit lower 40s RHR.


jasonsullivan27 said...

Glad to see you getting back at it too. Its been incredibly tough for me during the first month back but I'm finally starting to get back into the groove. It will be fun to do the 24 hour in may at the black monster. I'll be fortunate to get a 50K, but that's awesome compared to a 0K. Hope to see you out soon bro. Keep moving.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Good luck with the 50k. Getting back is tough, but doing nothing is tougher.

Giorgio said...

Easy to see you're improving steadily. that's a good thing.

We really need a goal, completely agree on this point. I reached my first goal on 6th February, as I was able to run a 10k race under 5 min./km.
The next one will be a 21km in July.

Enjoy your runs!

Black Knight said...

Welcome to Jaxs.
Yes, you are improving, I am sure you will reach your goals.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Thanks Black Knight. Getting stronger each day.