Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Hunger Returns

It feels so good to have the fire in my gut back.  Burn-out and injuries sucks, the down time is worse, but on fire again never felt so great!  My good friend Olga, and elite ultra-runner, put it best by saying “athlete's life goes in 3 year cycles: 2 years great, one year down.” 2012 was definitely a down year for me.  Nevertheless, things are looking up for the next two year as my base slowly gets restored.  I’m still working out my injuries and now getting some help from Peak Rehabilitation Fitness and Performance Center which my Orthopedic Dr. recommended.  They have me using rubber bands to perform specific movements to strengthen the targeted shoulder muscles.  As for my foot, it appears to be nerve damage and doc recommended using a running shoe with a wider toe box, a shot to desensitize the nerve, or surgery to have the specific foot nerve removed.  If removed, then I would have a slightly numb middle toe with little impact because we don’t have a lot of use for it.  Doc says if I want to keep doing what I do, then eventually something will have to be done.  At least I now know what is going on, and what my options are.

A few thoughts running in my head last night during a 7 mile run:  It is so peaceful and quiet tonight.  Don’t push too hard but maybe I can hit my turnaround point with a comfortable 8 min/mile pace. My breathing, heart rate, and stride are all in perfect sync.  Hope that person is not texting as they drift towards me.  I wonder if my legs have it yet to really drive it hard up this long hill.  Ok dog, bark all you want, just keep your distance.  I can’t wait to really get some solid hard day-to-day training in.  Can’t wait to hit the trails and cruise up and down the hills.  That felt great, 3 minutes less than I expected, and nothing hurts – Turnaround and do that again.

Big congrats goes out to some of our local runners who completed the Pinhoti 100 the past week.  Not an easy course, but a perfect weekend for running 100 miles in the foothills of Alabama on trails covered with rocks and leaves.

My wife Laura and I are saying “finally”, one more football game for our son Josh.  But the most important game of the year as they go to the State finals as the only team in the league with an undefeated record (13-0).  Their opponent is tough, won State the last 6 years, and will be out for revenge after having their only loss of the season to us.  It will be a great battle, bring it.
State Champs
 My daughter Renee’s cheerleading team also won State Cheerleading Champs last weekend. The girls nailed it as they owned the competition, and leaving the other teams fighting for 2nd.  Now they need to get ready for Nationals in FL.  WOW – Those cheerleaders have a lot of energy.  Wish I could bottle all that energy and use it at the 70 mile mark!
My girl on the right - Renee
Finally, Thanks to all the veterans who gave us the freedom we enjoy today.  Very awesome watching my son Josh play Taps during a Veteran’s Ceremony in front of the entire HS, as a few of us stood who lost friends and family during past wars.


Char said...

I love the tone of this post - its positivity. Yep, you've got the fire and excitement back. I hope you get that foot thing sorted soon especially while you're feeling so excited.

Raina said...

I don't like the options, but going for a bigger toe box sounds like a good start.
Best wishes with football, and congrats to your daughter!

Olga King said...

So happy things are looking up for you! You are a great man, Thomas, and yes, thank YOU for your service.

Kenley said...

Glad to see you back in action man. Hope things continue to roll in a positive way Lord willing. Happy Thanksgiving! Best wishes with the Football and Cheer leading and Running.

Giorgio said...

Great to hear about your motivation :) It's easy to see your optimistic thoughts through this post.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Raina said...

Hope everything is going OK with your foot now, and that you had a good thanksgiving!

Jill said...

I am thrilled that things are looking up ... 2013 is going to be a spectacular year for you (going on the 2:1 theory :)) ... but glad you are feeling so much better. I had a almost 3 year down, but am feeling better now, too, so I'm ready to get at it too.

Congratulations to your daughter's team winning state, that is so very cool. I hope your son had the same fate! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

It is great to hear the hunger is back!!