Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dawg Days of Summer

All is well, just enjoying life and all it has to offer.  Went to the beach again with the family and had a blast before the kids go back to school.  HS Football season is about to hit high gear, and with my son playing right guard, the scheduled games will keep my free time occupied. 
Training has been good, but nothing earth shattering.  Nothing hurts, low mileage, and just building a solid base for next year.  
USS Abraham Lincoln arriving

Full Moon in Mayport FL - Beach

I was bummed to see Rocky Raccoon Trail 100 already full.  I went to the web site to see if registration was open yet, and shocked to read on the screen Race is Full.  Even the waiting list was overloaded.  I was looking forward to going sub 24 with this race.  Just a couple years ago, you could wait until Dec to sign up for this race - OMG…Really...Really...  I thought about a race down in FL the weekend after RR100, but not sure I want to commit to it yet.  It is a rails to trails, very flat, and just not sure.  Still looking over my options, and looking forward to some cooler fall temps. Nevertheless, with races filling up so early, I need to register for my two focus races next year.  It will be a year of revisiting some unfinished personal challenges.

It's the journey that brings us happiness.  Not the destination.


Char said...

It always amazes me how popular ultra races are. I'm sorry you missed yours and I hope you find an alternative soon.

Olga King said...

Sorry about Rocky. It is totally crazy, everybody wants to run trail ultra now, it's like a drag from 60's or something. Almost makes me not to want to run, or at least not organized events - even though Joe puts awesome races, and I volunteer at half of them:) Jut too much...way too much. You never know now if your training will be where it has to be, or you get injured...

Black Knight said...

I like very much the last quote.
Sorry you missed the race but I am sure you will find another one.
Good look for the Football Season, I remember how I was occupied when my children played: male goalkeeper (soccer) and female volley.
Great pictures ... and looking at the USS Lincoln I remember again my beautiful years in the Navy.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Char – Thanks. I just need to look further ahead in my schedule and be more aggressive in my planning. Glad to see your training has been going well.

BK – Love watching my son play football. Reminds me of the warrior within when I was playing HS sports (Soccer, basketball, and baseball). Glad to see your very serious injury is taken a turn for the better. Keep at it – Never give up.

Olga – I heard Ultras are getting more popular, but our extreme sport can only handle so many runners per event to preserve the trails. Unlike the road marathons, which accommodates over 30,000 runners (crazy) per event. I do enjoy marathons from time to time, but under the impression it is all about the money, so they keep extending the number of runners who can participate, often with no qualifier.

Awhile back on irunfar.com, a question surfaced about wanting more runners to bring money and sponsors into the events and attracting more talent. Most thought this was a good idea. I was concerned it would turn into what the marathons have evolved into today. Also, there are runners who have never experienced the demands of a trail ultra and jump into a 100 miler and take up valuable spots. I think a qualifier to run an ultra at the next lower distance before stepping up to the more demanding distances (run a 50K before a 50Miler, 50 before a 100…..) would help filter this issue. For those up for the challenge of an ultra, I want all to embrace the same opportunities we had, but we just need more controls in place if popularity becomes an issue.

I do miss our small community of the extreme. Getting into races not a problem (except WS, Hardrock,..), and could often be entered weeks before the event. Times have changed for now. Nevertheless, you can’t fake a 100 miler – You need something way more than your average bear. Words can’t describe, you very much know what I mean ;-)

Olga King said...

I remember that post. I never liked that idea either. And totally agree with you on people jumping into 100's "just'cauz". I even wrote 2 articles for endurancebuzz on this point.

Raina said...

Man. Always a bummer when a race fills up that you wanted to do. Maybe God will put a better one in your path :)

Enjoy football season! I am looking forward to some 8-man football spectating with my little kiddos...soon enough they will be in uniform.

Jill said...

Pretty pictures!!

Seems the "popular" races fill up within minutes anymore, so crazy. You gotta think out your race plan a year in advance anymore...and we all know how plans can quickly change in that year. Hope you find another equally as exciting for you!

Alex said...

Dear Thomas ,why dont you come to run our (Greek) Marathon ?

Host PPH said...

It is a pity that you couldn't register to Rocky Raccoon Trail 100. But For that kind of races it is better to be register when the registration opens.