Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Looks like running, surf, and focusing on new goals

It felt great to be running again with a whopping 15 miles for the week.  No problems surfaced with the foot, but my conditioning was far from base.  A little 4 mile run felt like 20, and the heat & humidity didn’t help any.  Nevertheless, I was thankful regardless of my poor fitness.  I could have taken better care of myself during my recovering months, but was so bummed, and lost interest, with my entire year being one big question mark.  Especially with the one race I wanted redemption for was out of my reach. 

During my runs last week, I did some soul searching and reset my goals for the year.  I also thought about the next couple of years and what I considered focusing on.  After accepting my current state, I actually got excited about the possibilities and what I needed to do to get ready.  The rest of this year would be a building block to set the stage for the next two years.

Thanks to my friends and all the positive comments you left on my previous post.  One of many things I loved about my 24 years of serving in the Navy was the camaraderie.  I find the same camaraderie in the running community as well.  Thank you.

 Last weekend we spent on the beach in FL with perfect weather.  Felt good to get away again and work on the tan.  The surf was great, salty water was refreshing, great food, and no agenda.  Next trip will be VT to see my side of the family and to get a dose of the green mountains.

A few thoughts from last week:

Wife – How was your run?
Me – It sucked, I suck, and it was hard. But it felt great!!!
Wife – Oookaaaaaa.
Son – Dad, you look tired!
Me – I am and feeling it.
Son – How far did you run, 30 miles?
Me – No, just 4.
Wife – Yes, Dad said his waistline grew an inch and was feeling his pants.
Son – LOL, I never heard that before from Dad.  That is funny.
Daughter – OMG.


Char said...

'It sucked, I suck, and it was hard. But it felt great!!!' pretty much sums up most of my runs at the moment. But being able to run is such a blessing - even if it's not wonderful.

Giorgio said...

Hi Thomas!
First of all, it's great to hear you feel good and are improving slightly your training. Secondly, Thanks for your kind words about our running community. Please, let's know your running plan for the next year ... I'm curious :)

Enjoy your next trip through the green mountains ... and don't forget your running shoes :)

Johann said...

Being able to run certainly outweighs the bad runs and form. You'll be back in shape soon. I love planning ahead and I'm actually on a 4 - 5 year plan for some big goals. Enjoy summer!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

'It sucked, I suck, and it was hard. But it felt great!!!

One of the best feelings in the world

Black Knight said...

The Navy was a school of life for me too. Not only camaraderie but also real friendship.
Glad that you feel great, take your time and very soon you will be ready for great adventures.

Jill said...

30miles....4miles....all the same thing when you can run! :)

Your daughter's quote is priceless!