Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan Training on Target

2012 is on target as for my training plan.  I used the Disney Goofy race to get things started, and been ramping up the miles and strength training since.  I will have my Disney race report completed soon – Been busy with life.  

 I changed my training plan to include more, and longer, back to back long runs, hill repeats, and stair master.  I will turn this flatlander into a goat.  All this with the Mohican course in mind.  Time in the sauna will be added as spring approaches.  I had to change something, or keep getting the same results while expecting something different – Insanity.  Also doing some experimenting with food on long runs to see what works best for ME.  Part of my problem is not being able to eat the 2nd half of a race because the stomach is not receiving.  I also lose a lot of salt when sweating (heavy salt marks) which may be contributing to my issue with receiving food.  Salt imbalance will do this.  I don’t use a lot of salt on my food, and blood test reveals normal levels in my system.  I use S-Caps for long runs (1/ hr on semi cool days and 1/45 min on hotter days) and the rest I get from gels/food.  I need to make some adjustment with this also.

Mon – Bike and hill repeats with weights
Tues -   1.5hr weight and core training, 3M run, 30min stairmaster.
Wed – 10M (half at tempo pace)
Thurs – Core and bike
Fri – 20M easy
Sat – 15M easy
Sun – Weight training and stairmaster

I was tired after the week, but in a good way.  This week looks the same.  It felt good to push the system again, tightness in the legs, sore abs & muscle from weights, and sleeping solid until the alarm goes off.  

 Life is good.


Raina said...

Training's looking good! Keep it up mountain goat :)

NY Wolve said...

That is some hard core training! Good luck with that!

And I liked your end of year wrap up about the blogging community.

Anonymous said...

Nice job starting your season! Your training plan looks well rounded. Let me know if you find out how to turn into a mountain goat:-) Cause Miss flatlander is my middle name;-)

I'm also with you on the eating stuff! So hard! All we can do is practice, practice, practice.

Black Knight said...

That is a very tough training, this start of year is impressive.
I am also testing different kind of food and sport drinks to improve my performances.

Johann said...

Life is good! I love that and can say the same. I have similar problems with food intake during long runs. I don't eat salt on my food as there some relation here?