Friday, August 12, 2011

Too Hot to Run - Never

Me and Josh
Enjoying Life
I’ve been a little busy, but finally got a little free time to update my blog.  Since the Mohican run in June, we went to the beach in FL for some R&R.  No agenda, no shoes, or shirt – just rolling around in the surf, pizza, fresh seafood, homemade banana splits…  You get the pic.
Our fav pizza place
After, it was a couple of weeks in VT for some time with family in the cool mountain air.  My daughter and I went up early because I had the time off from work.  Laura could only get a week off from work, and Josh had wrestling camp the first week.  I got a few nice runs in while I was in VT, and Renee could not stand it but to come along for some fun mountain runs. 
View from Kate's deck
 Running up and down those beautiful green mountains was so incredible.  Wished I had some in my backyard for my daily runs and hill repeats.  I forgot just how beautiful it was in the small VT town I grew up in.  So many wonderful memories! 
Northfield, VT
We drove around town and saw the old soccer field which I played (Team Captain) most days in the fall.  The field is on top of a Hill (Most refer as a mountain, but in VT it’s called a hill – Go figure!) which the team would run up and down every practice as a warm-up. 

David and Sue

We drove over the covered bridges where we would go swimming in the Dog River.  Not to mention all the cook-outs (most nights) at my brother and sisters place.  Quality time with my Mom, my sister’s wedding, ice cream runs in the evening, visiting my Dad’s grave site, Rocket-J’s, friends, Sarducci’s (Awesome Italian restaurant in Montpellier), zip lining at the base of Mount Washington in NH,…

Renee and Mom
Mt Washington
Training – This has to be the worst month of the year for us living in the South.  The heat is absolutely unbearable.  I’ve yet to have a run when it wasn’t in the high 90s or low 100s.  It’s a battle to go outside for a run knowing intense suffering will occur.  I keep reminding myself the suffering now will pay dividends in the fall when it cools off.   My long runs are taken the biggest hit when only 3 hours into it before the heat and humidity crumbles me to a slog of a pace.  Last week’s long run started off at 8AM with 85 deg and 87 % humidity under a clear sky and 3 hours later it was 98 deg (but felt 100+), no breeze, and stifling.  I have been keeping my daily runs between 5-10 miles, while trying to maintain some sort of form with an 8 min per mile pace (lighter days at 9 mpm).   With this, I’ve been including 1hr on the stair climber in the gym a couple times a week before going outside for my daily run.  Can’t wait for it to cool down so I can get my weekly mileage up to where I need it.  I have two races I’m shooting for in Oct (if my work schedule allows me), and one in Nov.  Mentally, I’m still recovering from Mohican.  Not a day passes which I don’t think about it.  It adds fuel to getting outside in the heat and working hard (this is a good thing).  Physically, I’m moving forward by trying to turn this flatlander body into a climbing goat.  I’m open to suggestions!


Raina said...

Ha! So which state champ soccer team did you play on?

Looks like beautiful and rugged country. Haven't spent any time in VT, but looks a little like western VA.

I have no suggestions on how to become a mountain goat! I seem to go a little to crazy on the downhills and get hurt..maybe just to focus on form.

Just to slog though the humidity is impressive!

lindsay said...

from VT to GA... so would you rather the frozen, snowed-in winters or the hot humid 'summer' (/9 months of the year)?

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Looks like you are having the best time.

Let me know when you find out how to become a mountain goat..haha...I'm currently trying to become stronger on the hills, too. I think one needs to run hills ALLl the time and the stepmaster helps tons, too.

And one of these days I would love to run up Mt. Washington. Wouldn't that be nice!?

Enjoy the rest of your recovery!

Black Knight said...

Beach and mountains: the best combo!
Beautiful pictures.
You are right; this period is too hot to run. For this reason I never think about the NYC or Venice marathon because I'd have to do my workouts in august.