Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crash & Burn

This course (Mohican 100) ate my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I started to kick its butt at the beginning with the front runners, and then it woke up and swallowed me whole (along with a lot of other proven runners).  I threw everything I had at it, but the legs flat out had nothing left to give as I approached the 70 mile mark.  It always never feels good to DNF (especially the 2nd time), but I was good with my decision based on how much this new course took out of me, and what I had left  – Absolutely nothing.  Mentally I was great, but physically I was totally spent.  My training was solid for all the courses I’ve raced to this point, but not this one.  If you are a mountain goat (Olga, Evan, and Ronda this is the course for you).  Not that the elevation was high, just relentless steep climbs and declines.  If I had trained on this course (or one like it), or adjusted my training for significant more stair climber, the ending would have been different.   

Tough course for a flatlander, and a few others!  Last year’s winner Zach Irelan, and Grand Slammer Chrissy Ferguson, also had to face the dreaded DNF, along with the majority of the field.  Out of 149 runners, 58 completed the 100 mile course (50 males and 8 females).  1st place male was 22:14, and 1st place female was 23:36.  Hat off for those that made it – Big congrats and well deserved.

Last word I heard was the RD was considering changing the last 2.5 miles of the new four loop course due to difficulties and feedback.  I say leave it as is!  Don’t wish it was easier, make yourself stronger.

You know me; race report will not be available until a few weeks with all the wonderful details.  I got two very busy weeks at work playing catch up (if such a thing).

Thanks to all of you for all the positive vibs, support, and believing in me.  You keep me going longer then I normally would have.


olga said...

Oh, shucks, Thomas. But only you know how it felt, and if you are content - means it was what it was. 70 miles is a long day. One year I'll make it out there - I first heard of it from a friend in 2004. He swore on humidity, so I swore it off:) but I heard it's all single track.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Olga, your friend was right - Humidity is a issue for this race. Sauna and running in the heat of the day really made a difference. Humidity hurt a lot of runners, but not an issue for me this year.
95% single track with a few rocks and roots.

Hone said...

No worries about the DNF. I wrote this off hand paragraph below in a post of mine a while back and found out that a lot of people have been using it.

"Saturday will most likely be a huge failure but at least I am willing to lace up the sneakers and see what happens. I love the silliness of doing this kind of stuff. It is my drug of choice."

We are wired differently than most people. It is what it is. DNFs are a part of this.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Thanks bro. Very true, and would not trade it for anything. A 50 miler asked me why do I do it? I said because I never know how it will finish, if I finish at all. Up to a 100K is never a problem, even on a bad day. But 100 is a different animal.

lindsay said...

that stinks, but ultimately it was best to back out. you can still run today afterall. i agree, leave the course tough! who doesn't want to step up to the challenge, even if they fail a few times first?

Rooster said...

Those kinds of courses with short grunts are tough ones. Very hard to maintain any momentum IMO. Tough on the legs too. What's next?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You are still tough as nails in my book.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Lindsay - Unfortunately, RD is already considering changing the course. Marathon race 1st woman was 5:15. Mohican has a 100M, 50M, and Marathon race on the same course and same day.

Rooster - FATS 50K in Oct and Pinhoti 100 in Nov. I would like to get another in this summer but my work and family schedule is very full. Maybe a 1/2 IM in Sept if I can swing it!

Big Daddy D - Slightly bent nail, but it will get straight in due time. Thanks for the encouraging words.

chris mcpeake said...

It was tough out there for sure.
Humidity killed me. Next year its sauna training for me in april / may. I too hope they dont change the course. Last 2.5 was really tough but so what, nobody said it would be easy. All I ask is that they fix the aid station problems OR allow greater crew access. IF not I i will just have to carry all my own food in the second half of the race.
DNFs are all part of the game, that said we still dont have to like it.

DawnB said...

looking forward to the report you did what was best for you!!Hope you are well rested.