Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life Is Good

Chilling at Shades Of Green
Like a lot of ultra runners without a winter race on the menu, I’ve been getting caught up on some of those projects I’ve been delaying because of time restraints.  Maintaining a light base as for running miles was nice, but starting to get the itch, to push my body, has been building.  This is a good thing! 

I was in Birmingham, AL a few weeks ago for a leadership forum and had a chance to run a few nights with two buddies of mine on a local 5K well groomed trail.  We would run a few times around and talking about everything not related to work.  One of my friends was a talented cross country runner in school, but has done very little running the past 20 years with work and family.  He just started to get back into it, but was hurting after a few miles on the trail and had to take a few walking breaks.  He told us to continue on and would meet up at the car.  My other bud was a very fast runner and built for speed.  He just finished his first half Ironman in a respectable 5 hours, and his high level of fitness was apparent as he gracefully cruised along the trail with moderate effort.  I could tell my running fitness level has lowered because of my effort to maintain what should have been a comfortable pace.

Wedding Train
It has been very busy, but a good kind-of busy, with the kids activities and family functions.  My wife’s niece got married a couple weekends ago which made for a fun weekend.  It took place at a large family farm house surrounded by a peach orchard in Aiken, SC.  My son Josh joined the drama club at school and had his first stage performance which he was a natural.  His wrestling season also started which made for a very tired boy when he got home.  He is so much more talented then I ever was at his age and manages to balance wrestling, French, band, drama, and with honors.  My daughter is as talented, if not more, and a gifted dancer (clogger).  She has a very competitive spirit, although she will tell you different, and also an honors student.  You can’t tell I’m very proud of my kids!
My Kids (Renee & Josh)

We just got back from Walt Disney World last weekend and had the best time hopping all the parks and indulging in our favorite rides.  We even had some fun as we walked around the parks all dressed up for the occasion.  Renee got a lot of stares and questions with her Anima hair.  Josh had an attractive girl with a Miss ??? banner approach him wanting her picture taking with him (He was all smiles).  While in the Japan gift shop, some guy approached from behind saying “is that you flying tomato?”  When he saw Josh’s face, he soon realized he wasn’t, and quickly retreated.  I still can’t get Renee on Tower of Terror ride.  Maybe next time!

Laura and Thomas

My Girls

Josh Dreaming!

Josh as Mad Hatter

Shades Of Green

Shades Of Green

No luck with the WS100 lottery for 2011.  Maybe the following year!  Looks like it will be the Mohican100 in June, a few local races with Terri Hayes, and maybe the Pinhoti100 for a late fall race.  Time will tell! 

I was approached by Sof Sole to test some of their products and provide feedback.  I just received a package the other day with performance socks, running shoe insoles, and cleats.  I’m looking forward to getting some miles on the insoles and socks, and will post later on how well they performed.  I will take the cleats up to VT with me this winter and give them a good test up some of the local snow covered green mountains.  Thanks Clara.
 I hope all my friends out there in blog land are having a wonderful Christmas season, and not overstressing with all the activities to keep us saturated.  Keep it simple, it’s ok to say no, it always feels better to give, and don’t forget the reason for the season.



lindsay said...

always good to catch up with you! glad the trip to disney went well. your kids are very talented! i always wonder how i juggled so much back then... good grades + sports/activities. i don't feel like i do as much now.

i'm considering long cane 50k in may... course it will all depend where i am around february when it comes time to train.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good to hear things are well, I agree the offseason is all about being "normal" again before training starts up again.

5 hour 70.3 is impressive!!!

Black Knight said...

Glad to know that the things go well. Always good to find some friends to run with during the businness trips. Great pictures.

Black Knight said...

Happy New Year.

DawnB said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Thomas,Looks like you have kept quite busy, thats the kind of busy I wouldn't trade for any Family fun together!! sorry you did not get into WS100 looking forward to hear your report on those products. Thank you for stopping by and your encouragement.