Friday, June 4, 2010

Mixing It Up

Yes, I’m still alive! Breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, working, and time with family!
I could not believe it had been two months since my last post, and a lot has been going on in my world. This will be a long post so let me cut to the chase with my running stuff, and then expand to other life long memories which shape my life.
The month of April I really started to crank up the mileage with 10 mile daily runs and a few 15s to mix things up. The hill repeats once per week felt strong, and incorporated a few trips (10X) up our turbine building stairs at 175 feet a clip, in what feels like 95+ deg environment, towards the end of my shift at work. The problem I was having was getting my long runs in which we all know is the bread and butter of racing. I just had too much on my plate, too many commitments and priorities which I placed ahead of running. As May rolled around, getting my daily runs in was not a problem, but long runs where another issue. Although I did manage a few 80 – 90 mile weeks, but my long runs where not of the quality or distance (only 30M) I needed, and felt really tired after. Not sure if it was because of adjusting to the heat, or because I lacked consistent long runs prior to this. With that being said, my goal was to run the OH Mohican 100 in June, which will have to wait until next year if I don’t get selected for WS100. Although I really wanted to run this race, my instincts told me I wasn’t ready. It’s hard enough to run 100 when well trained, and I know this would have been more difficult and painful then usual, toeing the line feeling under trained and knowing it. So OH will have to wait until I’m trained the way I need to be for this demanding race.
As for training the past two weeks, I’ve cut back on the running to give my body some recovery, but have been pushing it in other areas. I got my road bike tuned and started to crank out some mileage on it. I’ve been doing 30 mile rides 3X a week, and a 50 miler on weekends. It’s amazing how much ground I can cover in a short period of time. I didn’t push it too hard, but the legs never felt tired maintaining a 20 mph pace solo on a 20 year old antique (Bridgestone RB2), and hardly any sweat compared to running. Biking is definitely easier on the body then running, but still demanding in its own right. On the other hand (or should I say butt), I did feel the saddle on my butt! I guess it’s like our feet, just need to get it in tough shape.

Anyway, doing some cross training to mix things up and stress the body in a different way, yet maintaining the fitness level.
Not sure where I’m going with this, or what race is on the horizon, but thinking about doing a 70.3 Ironman this fall in my backyard (Augusta, GA) depending on if I can swim (usually sink like a rock – Which I could crawl along the bottom), or the Arkansas Traveller 100 in October. I thought about doing both, but an half ironman the weekend before a 100 mile race would be crazy with very little recovery time. Not to mention training for both – I would have to take the summer off (that would be nice). Maybe even work towards sharpening my speedwork and go for a Boston qualifier (On my bucket list)! Not sure what direction to take, if any at all! I need to let this marinate before making a commitment, but need to make one soon!
As for life – The spring refueling outage at work went well, but very demanding of my time. Spring break in Pensacola, FL was awesome (Pre-oil spill - Very sad) with the white pristine sand and clear blue water. We got a wake-up call most mornings with the Navy Blue Angels practicing directly overhead (what a site). I found a very flat, well groomed, 7 mile running path, which was perfect for burning off some extra energy while everyone else rested from the day at the beach.

The local restaurants were incredible, not to mention the Navel Air Museum which we planned to only spend a few hours there and ended up spending the entire day (WOW).

Josh had his annual spring formal dance which he had more fun this year knowing what to expect. My boy has rhythm, which is surprising with him being a muscular wrestler. Renee started her summer volleyball training and is so excited to now be hitting her serves over the net. Last fall she struggled with this (only 12 years old) and it bothered her (Very competitive – Not sure where she got this from!!!).

My wife’s uncle passed away in May and we had to make an unexpected trip to Charleston, SC for the service, which went very well. We can all learn from one another, and the one thing he taught all of us through his own example, was to live each day like it was your last. He would have large house parties, with a live band, and invite the neighborhood to enjoy the music and awesome grilled food. He would make a stranger feel right at home regardless of his status in life. He lived out loud in a very positive way and it showed. This world needs more like him – One of a kind and always a friend regardless of time. He will be missed.
A few pics from my run at Blanchard Park and downtown Augusta:


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good to hear things are going well. I agree, biking is a different animal, but extremely fun and free.

I heard Augusta is a great race venue, I know many people that have done it and no complaints.

Laura said...

I've been out of the blogging world too. I actually thought about you on my 12 miler yesterday, though. Your smart to pick and choose your races based on the type of training you can commit yourself too. Whatever direction you choose, wishing you the best from CA.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and before I say anything else, thanks for your service to our country. I was one interview away from OCS for nuclear Navy 35 years ago, but Admiral Rickover threw me out of his office at the last stage(oh well).

After 20 years of marathoning and triathlons (IMs since '08) I do find myself helping people more than receiving the help, but it is always nice to get new tips.

Cheers!! and keep healthy

Charisa said...

Beautiful pics! If you do the 70.3 I'm sure you will love it - since you're already into the endurance sports :)

Meg said...

It's nice visiting your blog, I love the goals and plans you have, switching things up is always fun. I'm going to try some cross training this week myself, thanks for the inspiration.
Nice pictures of your family, thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog...
I'm always trying to live a little more in the moment.

Kenley said...


Thank you for dropping by my site and leaving some feedback. Glad to see you are still moving there. I have recently put some air in my tires and started to bike as XT days. It is nice, as you said, to work with different parts of the body. 10 mile runs daily. Wow. That is my long run now. lol. Kept your site on my blog list just waiting for your next post. Thanks for sharing on the other aspects of the goings on too. I remember my last air show @ Cannon AFB. Nice.....

Rooster said...

Wow, that is quite a schedule. Life is busy but sounds fun and every rewarding. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Tom, LOL about "sinking like a brick". You really should consider swimming lessons before you decide to tackle a triathlon. Have you considered doing a brick which is combining your running and riding in one training session? Can't wait to see everyone when you come up this year. Maybe we can go biking. Love ya. Kathy.

DawnB said...

Thanks for stoping by and saying hello. Good to see you back and still on track. I still trying to hold on. thanks for the encouraging words.