Monday, August 10, 2009

Feel The Heat

After my last race I took some time off from running and only did some light runs from time to time. I had taken no breaks for over a year and figured this was a good time while it was blistering hot in the South. Nevertheless, my inner athlete (as Rooster would say) could not tolerate any more off time and demanded some heavy breathing and sweat. The other day I went out for a 7 mile run to stretch the legs out and it felt really good. I could not believe the next day I woke up a little on the sore side. I couldn’t remember the last time my legs felt sore. Last night after it cooled off to 90 deg I went out to Fort Gordon on the 3 mile loop dirt track and worked a lot harder then usual to knock off two laps in 49 minutes. This was a reminder of just how out of condition I had become with my breathing heavy, covered in sweat, and dragging around an extra 7 pounds. My inner athlete was happy once more and was telling me it was time to get it going. Tonight will be an easy 5 miles followed by some weight training – Bring on the pain!

Today was also Josh’s first practice with the Track & Field team and really glad it was such a cool day. He was wiped-out with a look of “What did I get myself into”. His coach is getting them heat trained which shouldn’t be a problem this month. Looks like it’s under a 100 outside so time to change and do what we enjoy doing.


Rooster said...

Okay that is some serious heat. I can't even imagine running in that! Nice rest but the ramp up sounds right on for an ultra for awhile then go crazy.

BTW: when it's 90 degrees here in Portland they act like we are all going to die if step outside...some do. 106 degrees is not right!

DawnB said...

glad you are relaxing and taking easy. and I'm complianing about 87f